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Raritan Football Field

September 21, 2024

Raritan Football Field is named after GySgt John Basilone

At the end of last season, Coach Joe Seidler and his 4th Grade Team created a John Basilone Award that would be given to someone who displays Selflessness, Courage, Loyalty, Motivation, and who is a Leader.


The recipient has the silhouette of the Basilone Statue on the back of his helmet.

A quote from head coach Joe Seidler: “By leading from the front, the decal will always be visible to their teammates and a constant reminder that in every opportunity .... Be a John Basilone”.

THANK YOU to Joe and the team for helping to inspire our youth with the Basilone story.

Thank you for teaching the younger generation about respect, discipline and how to honor those who fight for our freedom.


At the Basilone Memorial Foundation, we are dedicated to supporting the families of fallen and severely injured service members. Our foundation offers a variety of ways to get involved, whether you’re an active runner, a casual walker, or simply passionate about giving back. We believe that by coming together as a community and supporting our brave heroes, we can make a difference in their lives.