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Raritan, New Jersey

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"Discover the Untold Story of War Hero John Basilone: Exploring His Hometown Roots in Raritan, New Jersey"

"Unveil the lesser-known narrative of esteemed war hero John Basilone by delving into his formative years in Raritan, New Jersey. In this exploration of his hometown roots, uncover the intimate details of Basilone's upbringing, from his family's immigrant background to his childhood pastimes and local employment. From playing sports in nearby fields to swimming in the Raritan River, discover the ordinary yet defining moments that shaped Basilone's character before his extraordinary feats on the battlefield. Follow his journey from the streets of Raritan to the halls of St. Bernard's Parochial School, gaining insight into the influences that ultimately propelled him towards valor and heroism. Join us in commemorating this hometown hero whose legacy continues to inspire generations."

"The Basilone Memorial Foundation can’t thank you all enough for sharing this great event with us. Thank you to the participants, sponsors and our guest of honor Sgt. Rob Jones . My uncle is looking down at us all and is honored to all of you for keeping his spirit alive". 

- Kim Van Note


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It was a two-family home that was owned by Dora’s family. The Basilones lived on one side of the house while a Bengivenga family lived on the other side. 

Each half of the home had just three bedrooms and one bathroom. But no one complained, as that is how things were back then.

The Basilone home stood at 113 First Avenue where the Shell station is today

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